Mexicanal is the most highly-targeted and cost-effective means on Spanish TV to enhance connection and engagement with Mexican-Americans working and living in the US.

Mexicanal CONNECTS

Enabling 94% of Mexicans from areas outside Mexico City to watch their favorite regional television programs and discover original, hard-to-find, deeply and uniquely Mexican content

Mexicanal ENGAGES

Rekindling an emotional connection for viewers who crave family-friendly entertainment from home with Mexican tradition, culture and taste

Entertainment From Home

From regional cooking, children’s programming, Mexican cinema and including quarterly and seasonal specials.

News From Home

Live from Michoacán, Jalisco, Guerrero, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Estado de Mexico and Veracruz.

Sports From Home

Jaripeo and professional bull riding, UFC, baseball, basketball, soccer and extreme sports.

Mexicanal Originals

El Rayo, Estrellas del Jaripeo, Son Mariachis, Imagenes de Mexico, and critical information with Notas al Migrante and Contigo Paisano.

Mexicanal reaches viewers in key advertiser demos, is a competitive force within its coverage area, is highly flexible and reaches Mexican-American viewers who may not be watching or are under-served with traditional Spanish TV.


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